Travel Tips: Before you Travel

Travel Tips: Before you Travel

Our Credit and Debit Cards make the best travel companion!

Whatever your destination is, there you’ll be able to use your OAS FCU Debit and Credit Card. They are accepted worldwide by millions of shops and ATM machines, which means they are a safe and very convenient way of making purchases and obtaining cash. Also, the currency transaction rate for foreign currency transactions is much, much lower than that of other financial institutions. Because for us, it’s a pleasure not just being with you when you travel and being part of those unforgettable moments, we also take pride in helping you make them happen.

With all this in mind, we invite you to make the best of your trip with these simple but useful tips.

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Inform us about your travel plans

Remember to notify us where and when you’ll be traveling so that new transactions in unfamiliar places aren’t flagged as suspicious. To do so, login to your Online Banking and under ‘Profile’, look for the travel notice form. You will be asked for a phone number where we can reach you at your destination; if we suspect that your card’s been compromised we will contact you.

Make note of the emergency contact

Take note of the Visa Global Customer Assistance Service emergency number and keep it separate from your cards. If you need to contact our fraud department, use the information provided on our webpage.

Memorize your PIN

Some merchants may require a PIN when using your OAS FCU Debit Card, and you will need your Credit Card PIN for cash advances at ATM machines. Make sure you remember both PIN numbers and please don’t write them down!  If you don’t remember one of these codes, or if you want to assign your own to your Debit Card, you can contact us

Keep a separate record of your card numbers

Make note of your 16-digit Visa account number and keep it in a safe place away from your wallet and handbag. We also recommend that you have a copy of your passport or ID for emergencies.

Be aware of your daily limits

Remember that your OAS FCU Debit Card has US$2,000 daily limit in purchases and/or payments, and $600 for cash withdrawals*. For your OAS FCU Credit Card there are no limits or restrictions, but make sure that you know your available balance and that your payments are up to date.

Request a temporary increase

You may request a temporary increase in your daily limits from the Online or Mobile Banking, or by sending an email to [email protected].

Review the expiration date

Check your Debit and Credit Cards’ expiration dates and to be sure that they won’t expire while you’re away.

Add to your calendar

Save this information to your calendar so that you’re reminded a few days before traveling. All you have to do is entering the date range.

When reaching your destination…

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