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Share Certificates

Your money, your terms

Relax and let your money grow with a Share Certificate

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How it Works

Interested in saving more? A Share Certificate lets you earn a higher interest rate in exchange for leaving your money untouched for a set amount of time, also known as a “term”. Dividend rates are locked in so you can reach specific savings goals quickly. We have several different Share Certificate options.

  • No monthly service charges
  • Multiple term options
  • Competitive rates
  • Dividends are compounded daily
  • Secured by the NCUA

Share Certificate Options

Regular Share Certificate¹: Our simple, yet effective solution. Minimum initial balance of $2500 with term lengths between 3-60 months.

Step-Up Share Certificate²: Step-up your interest rate to a higher one when market rates increase: term lengths between 12-36 months can raise the rate once per term, and terms between 48-60 months can step-up the rate twice.

Junior Share Certificate³: Open an account with a balance between $500-$2,500, then deposit at least $50 each month. Term lengths range between 12-48 months.

Jumbo Share Certificate⁴: Bigger balance, better rates. Earn .05% more on term deposits of $100,000 or more, with a 12 month or longer term.