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Dreaming of the perfect car for you? It’s time to make your dream a reality. We offer loans at great rates for both new and used vehicles. Enjoy flexible terms up to 9 years for new cars and 7 years for used, both with financing of up to 125%. Plus, we add conveniences to make your new life behind the wheel more enjoyable. We’ll let you skip up to two payments per year, or repay your entire loan at any time without penalty.

  • Save more cash with competitive rates and two skippable payments1
  • Enjoy terms of up to 9 years for new cars, and 7 years for used2
  • Avoid extra interest—no prepayment penalties
  • Up to 125% financing for qualified borrowers3
  • Fast and easy approval process to save your time
  • Rate discount for hybrid and electric cars4


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This calculator is for informative purposes only and the results ore not application results or quotes. Based on your credit history and repayment ability, you might not qualify for the loan term you selected, the amount provided by the calculator, and your loan might be denied.

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The right car at the right price

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