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RoundUp Savings Account

Make a simple change

Add a few cents to your savings with every Debit Card purchase.

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Save every time you spend, automatically!

When you enroll in our RoundUp Savings program, everyday purchases made with your Debit Card will be rounded up to the nearest dollar –or more, if you wish. Then, we will transfer that small amount from your checking account into a special savings account overnight.

  • Earn dividends in your RoundUp Savings Account.
  • Use your Debit Card for online or in-person purchases and round up to the nearest amount of your choice.
  • Choose the amount to which you want purchases to round up: $1, $5, or $10.
  • Recurring payments -like streaming services or memberships- will also help you increase your RoundUp Savings.
  • Review and keep track of your savings in your Online or Mobile Banking. Funds will be transferred to your RoundUp Savings Account at the end of each day whenever you use your Debit Card.

A little change can go a long way!

Build up your savings with every transaction using our new RoundUp program.

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