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Post-Secondary Education Loan

Cover education expenses

Cover tuition, books, fees, and more, all with a low interest rate

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A loan for your future

A higher education degree of any level can be incredibly valuable, boosting both your quality of life and your earning power. However, if you come from abroad, you may not qualify for federal funding. In that case, our loan may be the perfect option for you. Borrow up to $15,000 for educational expenses, and enjoy generous repayment options. If you’re concerned about your qualifications or credit history, you also have the option of applying with a cosigner.

  • Loans up to $15,000
  • Affordable variable rate
  • A variety of repayment programs, with terms payable up to 4 years1
  • No application or prepayment penalty fees
  • Apply with a credit-worthy cosigner to increase approval chances


Helping you meet some of your education expenses

Pay for basic student expenses like books, fees and more, all with a low interest-rate loan from OAS FCU.

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