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Take a break from your loan payments

Skip a loan payment -or two- and use the extra money in any way you want

Skip your next payment
Because everyone could use a break sometimes

Add some extra cash to your monthly budget by deferring your next loan payment and use it for your next vacation, holiday shopping, back-to-school expenses, unexpected bills or to simply catch up! Skip-a-Pay gives you the option to defer up to two monthly payments a year on an eligible loan* and, best of all, it allows you to skip a loan payment without impacting your credit score.

  • Defer up to two payments a year on your auto loan, personal loan, shared secured loan, or unsecured line of credit.
  • For a nominal processing fee, you can be payment-free to use the extra cash however you like.
  • The skipped payments will be added to the end of the loan without affecting your credit.
  • Fill out the form, choose the months you what to skip the payment, and submit it at least 5 days before your due date.

Need a month or two break from your loan?

We offer our skip-a-payment program for just that! Whether you just want to take a much deserved break, or need some extra time to make your payment, we’ve got you covered!

Skip my next payment!