The Best Tips to Buy Your Car

The Best Tips to Buy Your Car

Be prepared before you go shopping!

Now that you’ve covered the biggest challenge, financing this big buy with an OAS FCU auto loan, you are ready to go shopping. Here are some tips to help you get another great deal!

1. Set a realistic budget

Find out how much you can afford. In addition to the purchase price that will determine your monthly payments, make sure to consider other expenses such as insurance cover, fuel, regular maintenance, repairs and part replacements, taxes*, and registration and transfer fees.

2. Choose the car you need

Why are you buying it? How will you use it? What features and options will make your life more comfortable? Think of your needs by considering factors such as children and family size, changing weather conditions, commute and gas mileage, or daily life. These answers will help you decide weather an SUV, a cross over, a sedan, or a convertible is best for you.

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3. Do your research and test-drives

Once you figure out the type of vehicle you need, you can start researching the makes and models that best suit your needs. We recommend listening to your fellow consumer and industry experts for ratings, reviews, reliability, or safety and pricing information. Also, visit manufacturers’ website to learn about the different features and upgrades available. Most importantly, test-drive all your options.

4. Get the best price on the car

Find out what your preferred models are selling for. Websites like TrueCar gives you the market value and what others have paid for your vehicle, TrueCar also provides you with a list of dealerships with the best prices available. Their Guaranteed Savings Certificate locks in the price you were given upfront.

5. Get an Insurance quote

Now that the deal is closed, you have to find a policy to coverage your new purchase. We’ve teamed up with Worldwide Coverage Network to provide a range of insurance products with flexible covers and value for your money. For service inquiries and assistance, or to provide us with suggestions, call us at 202-817-8273 or send an email to

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