Travel Tips: At your Destination

Travel Tips: At your Destination

Making purchases with your OAS FCU Debit or Credit Cards

Look for the Visa Logo

Visa’s brand mark will always be displayed at merchants where you can use your OAS FCU Visa Debit or Credit Card. Always remember to check your receipt before signing to make sure that it is for the correct amount.

Pay in the local currency whenever possible

Consider selecting local currency if offered a choice between home and local currency when paying with your card. There may be additional fees associated with paying in your home currency and you may not be informed of those when making the purchase.

Keep receipts

It’s a good idea to keep receipts of all purchases made while abroad, to balance your account when you get back home and make sure that there were no irregularities in your charges.

Making ATM withdrawals with your Cards

You can use your OAS FCU Debit or Credit Cards to withdraw foreign currency at 1.8 million ATMs in over 200 countries around the world. Using an ATM is more convenient and safer than taking cash from home or getting it from foreign exchange bureaus. Plus, using your OAS FCU cards at an ATM means you get a competitive exchange rate every time. Cash will come in handy to pay for taxis, tips or other small purchases where payment cards may not always be accepted.


Secure your PIN

Be sure you have a 4-digit PIN and memorize it so you can obtain local currency at ATMs. Never write it down! If you don’t remember one of these codes, or if want to assign your own to your Debit Card, you can contact us

Find an ATM

Use the Visa ATM locator to learn where you can use your card to withdraw cash worldwide. Or, if you find a machine while you travel, look for the Visa logo on it: if it’s displayed, you can use it for withdrawals.

Be aware of your daily* limits

Remember that your OAS FCU debit card has a USD$600* daily limit for ATM cash withdrawals. You may request a temporary limit increase in your Online or Mobile Banking or by sending an email to [email protected].

Do the math

Research the current exchange rate for your destination using the exchange rate calculator prior to departure. Remember to include any additional transaction fees in your comparison.

Passport and map

When using an ATM

  1. Have your debit card ready to avoid searching through your wallet or handbag to find it.
  2. Make sure you safeguard your PIN when typing it. If you’re uncomfortable with your surroundings, use your hand or an object to shield your hand as you type.
  3. Keep your ATM receipts to compare them with your monthly statement to guard against unauthorized use of your card and make record keeping easier.

Save this information to your calendar so that you are reminded when arrive at your destination. All you have to do is provide the date.

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