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Where does TrueCar get its data, and how reliable is it?

TrueCar obtains and processes data from well-known data aggregators within the automotive space to ensure that they present the most accurate pricing information available. They also acquire vehicle configuration data, customer and dealer incentives data, financing and loan data, vehicle registration and insurance data, and much, much more. Their data is among the most timely and comprehensive in the industry. TrueCar’s sampling of the total number of car sales nationwide provides them with significant confidence that their data is representative of the market as a whole. Statistical analysis shows that on the whole, they have 99.1% confidence that their projected Average Paid Price per new car sale in a given week is within $20 of the average price of all nationwide sales transactions during that week. However, please keep in mind that this is the average for all vehicles. If you are evaluating the average price for any specific vehicle (particularly one with very low sales volume), the deviation from the national average for that vehicle can be substantially greater.