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How do I receive a deposit via wire transfer​?

If you are having funds wired to your OAS FCU account, please make sure you provide the following information:

To send funds to your OAS FCU account from another financial institution, you will need the following information:


Bank Address- 1201 Fulling Mill Road, Middletown, PA 17057

Bank ABA/Routing Number- 231387550

Beneficiary Account Name- OAS STAFF FCU – And add your name after

Beneficiary Account Number- 254075069 – (And add your OAS FCU account number after

Account Address- 1889 F ST NW, WASHINGTON DC 20006

*OAS FCU does not have a BIC (BANK IDENTIFICATION CODE). This code is used to identify the Credit Union as a Financial Institution and cannot be used as a SWIFT CODE. VIZO/OAS FCU is not a member of SWIFT and does not use SWIFT CODES for wire transfers. If the financial institution sending the funds to your OAS FCU account is asking for a SWIFT Code or BIC, please consult them for guidance on how to address the request.