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VISA Classic

  • If you would like to increase your credit card limit please click here to fill out the required form.

  • To report a lost or stolen VISA Credit Card, please notify VISA’s Global Customer Assistance Center as soon as possible, and then contact the credit union at [email protected] so we can issue a new card.

    • 1-833-574-3473 (U.S.)
    • 909-204-3895 (International)
  • With the Falcon Fraud detection system, you will receive continual monitoring of your card activity to help identify and prevent fraudulent transactions in your account.

    If Falcon Fraud Prevention believes there is suspect activity in your account, they will contact you directly to verify transactions with your VISA Credit Union card. If Falcon is not able to reach you directly, they will leave a voicemail with a call back number to verify transactions with your Credit Union Visa card, or they may block your account for security reasons.

    You can always reactivate your account by calling one of the following numbers:

    VISA Credit Card:

    • 1-833-574-3473 (U.S.)
    • 909-204-3895 (International)
  • You can manage your payments directly from the MyCardInfo:

    • You can add a payment account
    • You can make single payments or establish recurring payments
    • You can also ask us to establish an automatic recurring payment directly from your OAS FCU account
    • You can also call us or VISA to request a payment
  • Log in to the Card Management Site and click on Account Services, and then “Dispute Transactions”. There, follow the instructions and our fraud department will open a case –as well as cancel your credit card to avoid additional fraudulent transactions. If you do not have online access to your account, please contact us:

  • You can access your credit card account anytime and anywhere by using our MyCardInfo platform from your Online Banking. You have direct access to the platform and can use your same user ID and password.

  • Yes, you can request a PIN for your Credit Card to make cash advances at an ATM. Even though we don’t charge a fee for cash advances, some other costs may be involved such as the fee charged by the ATM.  Send the request to [email protected] and it will be sent by mail.

  • Before your trip, we recommend you visit our Travel Tips page so you can use your card to make purchases, payments and withdrawals anywhere, safe and conveniently. You should note that our Falcon Fraud Prevention Service usually activates when there are international transactions on your card(s). We recommend you notify the Credit Union if you are planning on traveling outside of your state.