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Money Transfers

  • All financial institutions are required to perform due diligence inquiries before crediting the funds. There may be additional information required to proceed. You and the beneficiary must respond to any requests for additional information

  • We are probably trying to contact you to verify the validity of the request. If you have not received a call back from us by 1pm standard time (EST) on the day you made the request, and your transfer has not gone through, please contact us at: [email protected].

  • Yes, in order to protect your assets. We will contact you before releasing any funds from your account.

  • We don’t charge any fee for receiving and processing an incoming wire transfer. However, there may be some costs involved by the financial institution originating the transaction.

  • ​Yes. Anyone can send a wire transfer to your account. To receive funds to your OAS FCU account from another financial institution, Domestic or Foreign, you will need to supply the initiating institution with the following information:

    2. Bank Address: 1201 Fulling Mill Road, Middletown, PA 17057
    3. Bank ABA/Routing Number: 231387550
    4. Beneficiary Account Name: OAS STAFF FCU – (And your name)
    5. Beneficiary Account Number- 254075069 – (And your OAS FCU account number)
    6. Account Address- 1889 F ST NW, WASHINGTON DC 20006

    You can also click here to generate the instructions in a PDF file.

    Please note that OAS FCU’s BIC (BANK IDENTIFICATION CODE) is BIC-OFCUUS31. This code is used to identify the Credit Union as a Financial Institution but cannot be used as a SWIFT Code. VIZO/OAS FCU is not a member of SWIFT and does not use SWIFT Codes for wire transfers. If the financial institution sending the funds to your OAS FCU account is asking for a SWIFT Code or BIC, please consult them for guidance on how to address the request.

  • Vizo Financial Corporate CU is the financial institution used by more than 1,200 credit unions to process wire transfer transactions, including incoming wires. Once they receive the funds, they credit our corporate account and then we post the final credit to your personal account number at OAS FCU.

  • Not necessarily. Both transactions require a 9-digit number, but you will have to verify with the financial institution where you are sending the funds, if the ABA number for ACH or wires are the same, or which routing number should be used for a wire transfer and for the ACH.

    An ABA Routing Number identifies a financial institution. It can be found in the bottom left section of the check. An ACH Routing Number identifies the clearing house.

  • All transfers can be managed from OASFCU Online or Mobile Banking. Under the “Transfer” tab, select the type of transfer you wish to make and complete the information related to each transaction.

  • You can use an ACH International if you are transferring funds to Mexico, Panama, Canada or any country in Europe.

    You will need the following information:

    1. Beneficiary: Name and address
    2. Depending on the destination:
      • IBAN and BIC: If sending funds to Europe
      • CLABE (18-digit): If sending funds to Mexico
      • Receiver’s bank name and account number: If sending funds to Panama
      • Transit number, institution number and account number: If sending funds to Canada
    3. Beneficiary Bank: Name
  • You will need the following information:

    1. Beneficiary: Name, address and account number
    2. Depending on the destination:
    • IBAN: If sending funds to Europe or Brazil
    • CLABE (18-digit): If sending funds to Mexico
    1. Beneficiary Bank: Name and address
    2. Currency: U.S. Dollars or foreign
    3. Intermediary bank (if applicable): ABA and account number