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Auto Equity Loan

  • Yes, this loan qualifies for our Skip-a-Payment program.

    With Skip-a-Payment you have the ability to skip up to two (non-consecutive) monthly credit union loan payments each year, whenever it’s most convenient for you.

    To enroll, complete the Skip-a-Pay form, indicating the month you would like to skip your payment, and return it to the Credit Union at least five days before your payment is due.

  • If you are not already an OAS FCU member, you will need to open an account with us.

    Then you will need to  request an employee certification, prepared by the Human Resources Department, indicating your salary and the amount accumulated at the time of your request. In addition,  you will need to complete a collateral irrevocable guarantee form and the loan application. The loan department will then work on your application and will let you know once approved.

  • ​If you have paid the entire debt before the termination of your employment, you will receive your Funds for Recognition of Years of Service 100%.

    If you have a pending amount in your line of credit, the amount will be paid off with the liquidation of the Fund and the closing of the line of credit. This is an agreement between IICA and OAS FCU.

  • This line of Credit will save you money since it has a very loan interest rate in comparison to applying for a loan that you cannot guarantee.

    Additionally, this line of credit can be use at your own pace. You can use it when needed, there is no maintenance fee, and you can pay off the debt before the end of the term with no penalty.

  • OAS FCU members who are IICA local employees may qualify for up to 90% of their accrued benefits. 

    Members who are international staff of IICA may qualify of up to 100% of their benefits. Inquire at your Human Resources Department or our Lending Department to find out more.

  • Yes, this loan is a line of credit.