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Tax Club Account

Get ready for your taxes next year.

As well as your vacations, and holidays!

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Start planning today with our savings club

Tax Club: Whether you’re a freelancer who needs to pay quarterly taxes, or taxing a more traditional tax route, this account can help you manage your money. Your funds will be directly deposited back into your OAS FCU account each quarter.


Holiday Club: This account helps you prepare for the Christmas holidays. Each month, deposit a little money into the account, and by Christmas time, you will have plenty of cash to spend. Withdrawals are restricted until the second Friday of November each year.


Vacation Club: Ready for your dream vacation? Save in advance with a Vacation Club account. Withdrawals are restricted until the second Friday of May each year.

  • Stay savvy: limited withdrawals help you save throughout the year
  • Stay secure: funds are insured up to at least $250,000 by the NCUA
  • Save more: higher dividends than our Share Savings account
  • Set up a regular direct deposit for maximum saving power


Special savings accounts: Tax Club

Be ready for taxes, vacations, and holidays.



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