How we remodeled to fit into the 21st century

How we remodeled to fit into the 21st century

The  technological systems upgrade that we’ve just performed at OAS FCU is like a house renovation: it’s a complex process that requires time, adjustments, dedication and patience. It’s also a labor of love.

The makings of a renovated home
Architect reviewing building plans

When you remodel your house, you can change the placement of walls; sometimes you also move the doors, windows, the plumbing and floors. The look of things changes; so does the shape of your home. And, as you near the end of your project, the small stuff comes to light: that’s when you sit down to file, cut down, finish surfaces and make those tiny adjustments, so that the end result is clean, neat home, the home you wanted to make a change for the better in your life.

You think that you’re done at that time, but you’re mistaken. Instead, when the house is done you realize that some pieces of furniture no longer fit, that others make the place look bare, while others simply clash with everything. That’s when you change how you fit into that new space.

Our systems and platforms upgrades

By now everyone is aware of the change in operating platforms at OAS FCU. Both the central account core system and the online and mobile banking are new. Also new are the new P2P or Person to Person payments service, the Bill Paying system, our web page, and our loan application platform (now 100% online).

What most members don’t realize is that each one of these platforms is a separate bit of software, unique, developed by a different company. Each one comes with interface options to work with the others’ technologies; however, in many cases those interfaces were completely new, so they had to be developed and tested just for us.

The makings of a 21st century Credit Union

We had a period of several weeks to run performance and quality control tests that confirmed the working interfaces between these platforms, their systems, and our (test) files; during that time we also tested the custom-built Spanish mirror versions of each of these services. They’re custom-built because very few financial institutions in the U.S. require, as we do, doing everything in English and Spanish). Before all the systems went live, we solved myriad issues and kinks.

However, as was expected, when the systems all went live, when all the files got transferred and set to work at the disposal of both staff and members, all sorts of new issues came to light. They’re the result of small fitting clashes, communication issues between codes, and sometimes even placement issues within their own platforms. All these things require that we make adjustments on the go. That’s because some things just don’t show until all the systems become integrated and set out to work in tandem.

Making stuff fit

Right now, just like when you remodel your house, we’re in that process of measuring, filing, fitting and finishing those small bits. Every week we come up with solutions to small issues that have been bothering some of our members; we implement these fixes as soon as they’re ready, and then get working on other issues. It’s a tedious process and, like I mentioned before, one that requires dedication (we’re giving this all the dedication in the world) and patience, the patience that you, our members are showing, and for which we’re very grateful.

Making ourselves fit

Very soon we’ll be done with these small fixes. That’s when we’ll start making our own adjustments, changing the way we do things. New utilities mean that we’ll be able to offer you even better quality of service. When everything’s done, we’ll have a renovated financial institution. One capable of providing the highest quality financial services wherever you happen to be. Your patience will be rewarded!

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