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Volunteer Program


Revised by the chair of the BOD and the Chair of the Nominating Committee on Sept 18, 2018 Credit Unions are unique in the financial industry because volunteers are a key element of these institutions. Volunteers bring a variety of professional acumen and experiences which complement the work being done by staff.

The OAS FCU volunteer program consists of an average of fifty volunteers, who work hard to advance the mission and vision of the Credit Union. Our volunteers serve on the Board of Directors, the Statutory Committees, and the Regular Committees. We are organized as follows:

1. Board of Directors – is elected by the membership and its responsibilities include:
  • Establishes, regularly reviews and revises as necessary business goals, standards, policies, and procedures.
  • Works in alignment with federal, state, and local laws and helps ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and the Credit Union’s own policies and procedures.
  • Reviews operating results and performance of new and existing activities.
  • Selects qualified management and evaluates management’s performance.
  • Participates in at least three hours of training per year.
2. Statutory Committees:
  • Credit Committee – Elected by the membership; reviews loan applications as described by Credit Union policy standards and reviews appeals by members.
  • Nominating Committee – Appointed by the Board of Directors; identifies, recruits, and selects volunteers for the regular committees. Manages the election cycle including identifying and nominating candidates for the election.
  • Supervisory Committee – Appointed by the Board of Directors; ensures that yearly audits are conducted and discussed by the Board, and ensures that appropriate changes are implemented. The committee addresses members’ complaints and helps monitor regulatory directives.
3. Regular Committees:
  • Assets and Liabilities Committee – Oversees the financial condition and direction of the Credit Union. Collaborates in the formulation of the budget strategy and investment practices.
  • Human Capital Committee – Recommends and supports policy and programs that ensure adequate and effective staffing and a cohesive work environment.
  • Community Relations and Membership Committee – Supports programs that focus on the growth of the Credit Union through organic, Selected Employee Group (SEG), and merger/acquisition approaches. Supports programs that contribute to our membership and community.
  • Technology Committee – Provides expertise on secure, efficient, and reliable information access and management systems for the well organized functioning of the Credit Union.
  • Governance Committee – Promotes an environment conducive to the ethical behavior of volunteers, ensuring transparency and efficiency in the operation of the Board and its committees, as well as ensuring compliance with OAS FCU bylaws and NCUA Rules and Regulations.

The OAS FCU is privileged to have a great cadre of volunteers from different professional areas and with strong interests in working cooperatively. We are a dynamic group of multicultural and multilingual persons with a strong commitment to contributing our time and expertise for the benefit of all members – come join us!

Become a volunteer