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Fixed Rate Personal Loans

Type of LoanAPR**TermLoan Amount
Green Loan8.44%*Up to 42 monthsUp to $15,000

* This is a fixed rate and will remain the same during the entire life of the loan. Loan approval is based on a credit and repayment ability evaluation, and it is possible that you may not qualify for this loan. Loan disbursement subject to proof of purchase or invoice of the green product. Available only for members and improvements in the United States.

** APR means annual percentage rate. This is a variable indexed rate based on the Prime Rate published by The Wall Street Journal. Using that rate as reference and, as it fluctuates, your loan rate may change on any of the following dates: the last day of March, June or September or December. An increase in rate might affect your payment amount. OAS FCU lists rate ranges that are applied during loan evaluation. Based on the results of your credit evaluation and the analysis of your repayment ability, you might be approved for a smaller loan than you requested; your loan might also be denied. Sample payment: the monthly payment for a $15,000 loan would be $451.25 in 36 installments.

***Fixed rate limited time offer loans.