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Mortgages for non-citizens

Diversify your investments with real estate ownership in the United States! It’s easier than you think!

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It’s easier than you think

As a foreign non-resident you can finance a real estate purchase in the United States* with OAS FCU’s Balloon 7-year mortgage investment loan. After seven years (the time after which studies indicate most borrowers choose to refinance) you may pay off the loan balance or refinance. Closing costs usually amount to 3% of the purchase price.

  • Up to 70% financing**
  • Competitive fixed rate
  • Mortgage payments calculated using a 20-year amortization schedule
  • Discount point price of just 1% of the loan price.

Interested in purchasing real estate in the United States?

We have flexible mortgage programs available for US citizens, residents, and members living abroad.

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