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Rewards Checking

  • Here is what you need to do to set up your direct deposit:

    1. Contact your employer’s HR or payroll department to make sure they offer a direct deposit option.
    2. Provide them with your name, address, date when you want the deposit to be effective, our ABA Routing Number (25 40 75 06 9), and your 10-digit checking account.
  • There are several different ways to fund your account. You can:

    • Set up a Direct Deposit
    • Transfer funds from another account at the Credit Union
    • Link another bank account to your Credit Union account to make transfers
    • Snap a picture of a check with your mobile phone and deposit it via Mobile Banking
    • Make a deposit at one of our shared branches or a deposit-taking ATM that belongs to the Co-Op Network
    • Mail a check or visit our office
    • Send a wire or ACH transfer from any other financial institution
  • You may request a temporary limit increase by sending us a secure email through the Online Banking system:

    Contact us/Temporary Increase Limit.

  • Some merchants may require a four-digit numeric PIN when using your OAS FCU debit card and/or credit card, even those without a chip reader. Make sure you memorize your PIN before you travel (it’s much safer than writing it down).

  • On your online banking, when you mouse over the transaction, you will have the ability to send us a message about the transaction to start a dispute. If you do not have online access to your account please contact us:

  • Your OAS FCU debit card is part of the CO-OP Network of Credit Unions, which provides access at 28,000 ATMs, including 9,000 deposit-taking and 5,500 7-Eleven locations throughout the U.S. and Canada; and it gets even better! The CO-OP Network also has access to over 800,000 ATMs worldwide through links to NYCE, STAR, Cirrus, Pulse and Plus.