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Activate your Debit Card

  • Activation and Usage


    Activating your new card is as easy as using it.


    Choose from 3 easy ways to activate your card:

    1. Request your Checking Account balance at an ATM.


    2. Send a secure message through Online Banking, including the last four digits of your card.


    3. Call us at: +1-202-458-3834

    Your Debit Card = Rewards


    Your Debit Card is linked to your Rewards Checking Account.
    Earn cash rewards by using your debit card for everyday purchases.



    + Make at least 15 payments per month
    + Set up a Direct Deposit
    + Enroll to eStatements

    = Get your Cash Rewards!


    Your Debit Card, the Preferred Payment Method

    Swipe it to pay for your everyday purchases, or use it for online shopping.
    Add it to your mobile wallet and set it as the preferred payment method for your various merchant accounts.
    Use it for recurrent payments of your monthly services or subscriptions, like Netflix, your gym, Spotify, and others.



    Find the tools and resources available to maximize the benefits of your new card.

  • Convenient Tools


    The Convenience of a Visa Card


    Access a large ATM network

    Use your Debit Card at 30,000+ Co-op ATMs and 2,300+ ATMs at Citibank branches, surcharge-free1.

    Get card control and more protection

    Download the CardNav app to easily turn your card on or off and control how it’s used. Get alerts to keep track of your expenses and quickly spot any suspicious activity.

    Pay on-the-go with your mobile wallet
    Leave your wallet in your pocket or purse.  Add your Debit Card to your digital wallet and pay from your phone.

    Have added peace of mind.
    If your credit card is lost or stolen, please call us right away at 1-833-574-3473 or +1-909-204-3895. Your card is also covered by Visa’s Zero Liability policy, which means you won’t be held accountable for any unauthorized payments made with your card².


    Vital information to keep in mind

    Daily Limits

    Your Card’s daily limit3 is $2,000 for purchases and payments; and $600 for withdrawals. For a temporary raise, email [email protected].


    Before Traveling

    Notify us about your travel plans to avoid having issues with your card. Log into your Online Banking and go to My Profile.

    Member Services

    If your card is blocked, lost, or stolen, call toll-free at 1-888-241-2510 or email us at [email protected].


    • 1 Most ATMs of the Co-Op network are within the United States and parts of Canada. If you are outside of the United States, please use machines of the networks NYCE, STAR, Cirrus, Pulse, or Plus. The cost for such international transactions varies based on the ATM that you use, and they all have a surcharge of 1.5% of the total charged per transaction. Some additional charges may apply.

      2 Cardholders must use care in protecting their card and notify their issuing financial institution immediately of any unauthorized use.

      3 For members in Brazil: To protect your money and avoid our members being victims of ongoing fraud committed with Debit Cards in Brazil, the daily limit for ATM cash withdrawals is $300, and for purchases is $600.