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About Us

  • The Story of OAS FCU​​


    OAS FCU was born as a joint effort by people from all over the Americas with unique needs that banks were unable to meet. Since then, we have extended our services to various organizations whose members encounter similar challenges.

    We started in 1962 serving the employees of the Organization of American States (OAS). Over the years, we have grown to serve more than 6,500 members worldwide, and now hold over $218 million in assets. We have expanded our field of membership and now fulfill the financial needs of employees and members of more than 25 organizations, including the National Geographic Society, after a merge with their Credit Union in August 1, 2018. Our members consist mainly of professionals living or working in or outside the U.S. who travel frequently internationally.

    ​After all these years, we still believe in our original goals: the financial well-being of our members, and a commitment to the strong principles and values that drive us. We are determined to continue providing the highest quality financial services worldwide.

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    We make it easy to find out if you're eligible or not. You can search our list of Select Employee Groups (SEGs) below, or take a quick interactive quiz. Once you know if you're eligible, signing up for an account online only takes a few minutes. 

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  • Our Values


    Our Mission:

    Redefining Banking to empower member-owners globally, through superior experiences and dynamic solutions.

    Our Vision:

    To continue evolving as a member-focused, financial institution while cultivating a trusted partnership for life.

    Our Values:


    We provide the highest level of knowledgeable, friendly and professional service.


    We are constantly seeking to improve your banking experience by adapting quickly and efficiently to your financial needs.


    We are always available through multiple channels, continuously sharing knowledge to help you reach your financial goals.


    We listen to, embrace and support our team member’s ideas that nurture a cooperative environment and supports a service-oriented community.


    We encourage honesty, fairness, respect, professionalism, innovation, passion and camaraderie in a fun environment. Our values transcend into our relations with our partners, vendors and ultimately the communities we live in.


    We have grown over the years operating in a fair and prudent manner consistent with sound business principles and pondered decision-making.

  • How We Operate


    We are completely member-owned and not-for-profit.

    This means we can focus on what’s best for you, instead of a group of shareholders. We are also transparent with how we handle our money, and publish detailed reports each year. Read our latest annual report.

  • Elected Volunteers


    This list covers our current Board of Directors, as well as their election terms.

    All of our members are invited to vote on board members (please see the Elections page for details).

    BOD Chair *

    CR&Membership Associate Vol.

    Human Capital Associate Vol.

    KC Soares

    Elected: 2016

    Ends: 2019

    BOD Vice-Chair*

    Technology Committee Co-Chair*

    David Rojas




    ALCO Chair*

    Lynn Swenson

    Elected: 2016


    BOD Secretary*

    Governance Committee Chair*

    Laura Martinez

    Elected: 2018

    Ends: 2021

    C R&M Committee Chair* Stella Villagran



    Technology Committee Co-Chair* Andrew Vanjani



    Human Capital Committee Chair* Yacsire Cutler



    Supervisory Committee Board Liaison* Cynthia Miller

    Elected: 2016 Ends:2019

    Gov. Committee Associate Vol. Anna Chisman


    Ends: 2020

    Representing National Geographic after the merge Jeff Hertrick


    Judy Meschel

    Credit Committee Volunteers

    Chair Desire Valera 2019
    Vice-Chair Sergio Pino 2020
    Secretary Guillermo Moncayo 2021
    Member Doris Lamas 2019
    Member Nubia Gonzalez 2020

    Supervisory Committee Volunteers

    Chair Katherina Diaz
    Board Liaison Cynthia Miller
    Member Oscar Harasic
    Member Lina Sevillano
    Member Oscar Gomez

    *All appointments are for a period of one year (June 2018-May 2019)