OAS FCU to cohost the 6th annual United in Sustainability Summit in Washington DC

OAS FCU to cohost the 6th annual United in Sustainability Summit in Washington DC

At the United in Sustainability Summit credit union leaders, volunteers, and industry professionals meet to discuss sustainable business practices.
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As supporter of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), OAS FCU is committed to integrating sustainability practices into its business operations. One of the ways in which the Credit Union demonstrates its dedication to sustainability is by co-hosting the annual United in Sustainability Summit (UIS) with UNFCU. This groundbreaking industry conference brings together credit union leaders, volunteers, and industry professionals who are interested in incorporating sustainable practices into their business models, and for the first time will take place in Washington, DC.

The Importance of Cooperative Principles in Credit Unions

Credit unions are built on the foundation of cooperation, and one of the cooperative principles they abide by is cooperation among cooperatives. This principle emphasizes the importance of credit unions helping each other out. OAS FCU exemplifies this principle by actively supporting and participating in initiatives that promote sustainability and environmental responsibility:

  • Since 2019, OAS FCU has been actively working towards reducing its carbon footprint as a business. This commitment involves implementing various strategies and initiatives that contribute to a more sustainable future. By taking proactive steps to minimize its environmental impact, OAS FCU sets an example for other organizations. It also serves to promote sustainable practices within the financial industry.
  • We have embraced digital transformation by striving to be paperless in our business relationship with our members, helping reduce our environmental footprint. To celebrate this achievement and in commemoration of earth day, OAS FCU recently planted 3,000 trees in the Amazon rainforest, emphasizing its commitment to reforestation and preservation of natural resources.
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  • We offer savings options to help our members with their financial goals. The RoundUp Savings Program allows members to save money effortlessly by rounding up their transactions to the nearest dollar. Furthermore, our Club Accounts enable younger members to develop responsible saving habits through monthly transfers. These initiatives encourage financial growth while promoting sustainable practices.
  • OAS FCU also recognizes the importance of supporting sustainable choices through its loan products. Members have access to special loan rates for hybrid and electric vehicles, encouraging the adoption of eco-friendly transportation options.
  • Our Green Loan helps finance sustainable home improvements, enabling members interested in reducing their environmental impact.
  • We go beyond financial services by providing valuable information and resources through its blog. The blog features various posts aimed at helping members and readers lead more earth-friendly lives. Topics range from recycling tips to suggestions for reducing carbon footprints during holidays. By educating and empowering individuals to make sustainable choices, OAS FCU contributes to a greener future.
  • As part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability, we recently established the Green Committee. This volunteer group focuses on social responsibility, environmental initiatives, and credit union sustainability. The Green Committee plays a vital role in driving change within the organization and spearheading initiatives that align with OAS FCU’s commitment to protecting the planet.

The Annual Sustainability Summit in Washington DC for the first time
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For the past five years, OAS FCU and UNFCU have co-hosted the United in Sustainability Summit (UIS). Pre-pandemic, the event took place in New York City. This annual industry conference serves as a platform for credit union leaders and thinkers interested in incorporating sustainability practices into their business models. UIS helps share strategies and insights on how credit unions can integrate sustainability while measuring effectiveness and financial impact. Participation is free.

This 6th Annual United in Sustainability Summit will be a unique event, one that adopts a hybrid format. Attendees will have the option to participate either in person or online. For the first time ever, the summit will take place at the Organization of American States in Washington DC.

OAS FCU’s commitment to sustainability is evident through its various initiatives and partnerships. By co-hosting the UIS Summit and promoting sustainable practices, we reinforce our dedication to our planet and to steward world for future generations. Through collaborative efforts and shared insights, credit unions can drive positive change and shape a more sustainable financial landscape.


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