21 wedding presents for people on a budget

21 wedding presents for people on a budget

For many people, going to weddings is a chance to rejoice for the happiness of people that have found each other, see old friends and relatives, and have a nice day out overall. For others, weddings can cause a bit of stress. Travel expenses, wardrobe and gifts can add up quick. Today we bring to you some thoughtful wedding gift ideas that will help you keep your budget intact.

Seasonal items

Whether your couple has registered or not, there are seasonal items that are classics for any couple that make amazing, thoughtful presents.

Spring and summer:

  • A picnic basket
  • A soft picnic blanket (great to go with the basket if you have the shower and wedding gifts to give)
    Two wrapped wedding presents with flowers.
  • Outdoor drinkware or dinning ware (which you can reduce to a set of 2 for a romantic experience)
  • Barbecue quality tools
  • A foreign design flower vase
  • A margarita/smoothie maker
  • If your couple are the outdoors type, a portable hammock for two or a bike mount for their car.

Fall and winter:

  • An aromatherapy diffuser with some scents
  • A s’more or fondue making set
  • A subscription to a small brewery’s fall/winter beer selections
  • A plush blanket to share on the couch
  • For the couple that likes to entertain, a raclette set, or… Cards Against Humanity, a great game.

For the registered couple

When couples create a registry, they tend to include low-end and high-ticket items. If you cannot afford something extravagant, why not look for a way to create a theme gift (or gifts if you have to attend the shower and wedding)? For example, make a basket with bath items, or get a set of towels and have them embroidered with their initials separately. This way you control how much you spend and make it a one-of-a-kind and personal present.

If there is something rather pricey that you know you can’t afford but the couple truly wants, consider asking other guests; several of you can pitch in and make it a group gift. Everyone saves!

A rustic banquet table setting, with cushions on the ground to sit on.

For any couple

There are many gifts that will make any couple, even those with a registry, quite happy. Keep in mind that there’s no rule that says you must stick to the registry.

Here are a few ideas:

  • A crowdfunding joint gift. This gift is especially thoughtful for couples who have been living together a long time, and don’t really need a lot of presents. You can start the crowdfunding campaign to pay for anything: their honeymoon, a trip, to help pay for the wedding or to just start a nice savings account for them. Make a nice card and add all the names of those who contributed so that they can sign, if possible.
  • A wedding picture frame. If you know the couple very well, you will be able to know their style and pick a lovely frame for their wedding photo at home. If you’re the ultimate crafter, a repurposed, customized frame would be sure to cause a stir.
  • Plants/trees. Original indoor plants of the appropriate size for their home, or a small tree that will grow to give fruit (for those who have a garden) make original presents that no couple will forget.
  • A kitchen or home plaque. These have been popular the last few years, pre-printed or customized plaques with something meaningful or funny for the couple to have in special places at home. I suggest you look on Etsy, as you’ll find many great and affordable plaque ideas there.
  • A gourmet gift basket. Pick fancy things that you know your couple likes, and make a nice basket to present to them for a future romantic afternoon alone.

Thoughtful presents

These require knowing the couple well, and they’re most often the presents they truly appreciate.

  • 10th anniversary wine. Visit a wine store and speak to a sommelier about buying one or two wine bottles that will age well for consuming 10 years from now. Get specific instructions on how to age them, and present them in a nice basket with printed instructions on how to age them to drink on the couple’s 10th anniversary.
    A wooden sign that with metal overlay that reads Mr & Mrs
  • Look at your invitation and think: can you find thank you cards for them that match that theme?
  • Do you cook for these friends? Is there a recipe of yours they particularly like? If so, you can gift them a basket with the ingredients and a nicely printed copy of the recipe.
  • Alternatively, think of things that they like to do together and find a gift to be used during that activity specifically.
  • Offering to help. While in the United States it’s fairly common to have someone manage your wedding preparations, it is also true that the last 10 years have seen a (thankfully) great surge of couples that go the DIY path and like to make their own decorations, decorate the venue and organize things themselves. With this in mind, one of the things that these couples need most is a helping hand. Ask ahead of time, because if you can help decorate, prepare favor bags, organize guests or anything, your help would be a great gift.

To end

Everyone knows that weddings are expensive. Here at OAS FCU we also know that with a little imagination and the ideas we’ve provided, you can find that perfect present that won’t break your bank.

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