The path to success

The path to success

Today we introduce a new tool to help you be better informed about the important stuff in your financial life.

Here at OAS FCU one of the things we set out to do is help you develop healthy money management skills. For this reason, we’ve developed a new micro-site that will help you become better informed about the things that matter.

The Path to Success

This site contains a series of learning modules created to help our members learn a bit more about certain financial topics: saving, financial planning, borrowing judiciously, and planning for the future. There are three main sections, or paths, regarding the main points of personal finance. Each path contains individual modules for you to peruse. The modules will take you between two and five minutes to listen to and read. This way you can visit any time you want, and get informed at your own pace.

The path of healthy money management

Here, you’ll find subjects related to savings, budgets, as well as credit reports and the proper use of insurance products.

The path of the smart borrower

In this second section section, the modules cover everything related to the smart use of loans: from their different types to those that are unwise to use. Also, you will learn about credit reports and home ownership topics.

The path to a comfortable future

Here, you’ll learn about the different options available to you in order to make and meet your financial plans for your retirement.

Other stuff

Additionally, these paths contain useful tools, calculators and tables to help you get a personalized insight into subjects that interest you: your budget, how much loan you can afford, or breakdown of savings for long-term financial goals.

Are you ready? We bet you’ll find something that you’ve always wanted to know.

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