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Schedule of Fees

Debit & Credit Cards

Additional Card (First one is free) $10
Dormant Debit or Credit Card Pin re-activation $15
Debit Card/PIN replacement $20
Debit or Credit Card reissue No charge
Credit Card temporary limit increase $15
Credit Card International transaction 1.5% of purchase amount
Credit Card application No charge
Credit Card balance transfer No charge
Credit Card cash advance No charge
Credit Card late payment $25 each
Credit Card expedited payment $15 each
Reset Credit Card Internet access (eZcardinfo) $15 each / No charge if self-reset
Express Debit or Credit Card Reissue Special mailing cost up to $50
Non-CU ATM withdrawal/transfer $3


Share & Checking Accounts

Share Value $5
Transfer from secondary account to cover overdraft $5 each transfer - manual transactions
Telephone transactions assisted by staff No charge
Overdraft caused by share draft/ACH1 $25 each
Extended overdraft $5 per day after first 5 days
Returned share draft/ACH/NSF1 $25
Cashier check/Official (certified) checks $5 each
Cashier check copy $2.50 each copy
Share draft copy $ 5 each – No charge online
Share draft or ACH stop payment - $10 each – $20 range
Official draft stop payment $50
Checks sent for collections Cost charged by paying bank(s)
Dormant account2 $5 per month
Remote check deposit return $5 each
Returned outside/third party deposited check $25 each
Check-book cost3 $12.27 for 120 checks
Checkbook reorder4 $19.49 for 120
Money order5
Statements Copies & other Services
Statements Copies & other Services
Statement copy/ transaction history No charge for recent / $1 per page
Balance verification/letters of reference $5 each - No charge if 3+ services
Returned mail (paper statements, cards, etc.)6 $5 each
Account research/reconciliation $25 per hour
Account verification requested by creditors $15 each
Notary seal service $5 for non-members
Safe Deposit Boxes at OAS FCU $50 to $125 depending on size.
Subpoena fee $30 plus $0.50 per page



Processing vehicle titles $50 + DMV cost
Skip-a-Payment (2 per year)7 $10 per loan – $5 additional loan
Loan Payment Late fee 4% of payment amount
Tax Levies/Garnishment No charge
Wire Transfers Wire Transfers
Incoming wire No charge
Outgoing domestic wire $25
Outgoing international wire $45
Wire Confirmation No charge
Wire recall /wires with errors $15 + cost charged by other bank
Wire Research $25 each


1 ACH (Automated Clearing House), and NSF (Non-sufficient Funds).
2 After 12 months of account inactivity if balances less than $500.
3 First order of 50 free.
4 One re-order of 120 free per year if active direct deposit for past 6 months.
5 Only available at the NatGeo Branch.
6 Mailing costs may apply.
7 2 per year, and it cannot be 2 consecutive months back to back.



Applications Online Bill Paying VISA Cards Shared Branches Shared Branches
Applications Online Bill Paying VISA Cards Shared Branches


Applications Online Bill Paying VISA Cards Shared Branches