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Why is TrueCar’s Factory Invoice often higher than the Invoice Price I see on other sites?

Often, manufacturers charge the dealer not only a Destination Charge, but also some additional fees such as extra freight fees, admin fees, fuel charges, and the most typical of all, Regional Ad Fees. Regional Ad Fees is the cost a manufacturer allocates for advertising and promoting the vehicle in the dealer’s market. For example, all Toyota dealers pay Regional Ad Fees. These extra fees, like Destination Charges, are a legitimate cost to the dealer and should be added to the Factory Invoice. As a matter of fact, many dealers won’t call it out but simply make them part of the Factory Invoice (which could make you believe the dealer is artificially inflating the price, especially when comparing the Factory Invoice found on other web sites). TrueCar includes these Regional Ad Fees and other extra fees, and the curious minds can always see the precise breakdown in our Table tab. This is, however, not a catch all. Taxes, title, license, registration, dealer documentation, after-market accessories, dealer installed options, etc. are costs added by the dealer (instead of the manufacturer) and are as such not part of the Factory Invoice. For more information, please check out the blog article, What is Included in Factory Invoice?