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Debit CardNav

    • Decide when and where your card is used
    • Receive near real-time notifications to alert you of any unauthorized use
    • CardNav places a strong layer of security on your account by allowing you to lock your card when you aren’t using it, and unlocking it for use
    • If you have authorized users on your account, you can control how much they spend, when, and where so that you can prevent abuse and/or unauthorized use
  • Our new CardNav gives you completely up to date control of your account, by letting you manage your OAS FCU debit card via your smartphone.

    You control when and where your card(s) can be used; you also see, and can respond to instant alerts when transactions are processed. It has handy management functions such as view balances and transactions, transfer funds between accounts linked to a card, and search for nearby ATMs.

  • On your online banking, when you mouse over the transaction, you will have the ability to send us a message about the transaction to start a dispute. If you do not have online access to your account please contact us: